…Saving Sapphire City, one petty crime at a time

The Ne’er-Do-Wells is an RPG-inspired  Webcomic about a rag-tag group of super-adventurers and their battles against the evils without and within. The GM and players remain friends and creative partners to this day, and the characters they inspired chronicle their creative and individual growth through the more than two years’ campaign. Their story is both emotional and ridiculous, both comedic and tragic as our heroes explore a near-future world still adapting to a sudden influx of magic and magical creatures. Follow the links throughout this website to experience their story on your platform of choice!

Much like designing a game, illustrating the events of one is a labor of love. As such, you can expect to see updates as often as once a week, and as infrequently as once a month during certain periods of time. Please be sure to follow along for announcements, and feel free to reach out to the creators and share your thoughts!

Thank you for reading, and enjoy the ride!

– Carrion, Illustrator and Dumpster-Dweller