Our heroes have Alexi to thank for bringing them together on that fateful day. He set out to find a team of super-somethings capable of tracking down his father and laying his nefarious plans to rest. With his knack for building and hacking technology, he was also able to rescue his ‘brother-‘ the undead Golem known as Mungo- from his necrocologist father’s clutches. Though he disappeared into the dawn at the end of our heroes’ first adventure, he will never be far from those who helped him preserve justice for the dead and undead.

Angus “The Überjack” Henderson is a foul-mouthed, kilt-clad warrior dedicated to cutting down evil, no matter what form it takes, and especially if a lovely lady or two are around to watch him do it. His mythical axe Veganir chose him as the most worthy warrior and its rightful wielder, granting him physical stature and abilities beyond what most humans can achieve- including a rockin’ bod and an above average alcohol tolerance. Though his morals and Veganir’s origins are unclear, Angus’s heart- and his axe- are often in the right place: embedded firmly in an enemy of the people.

Arnos Igaluk-Nosse is a young half-elf student from a prestigious clan whose nobility and magical talents earned them high status even after the Fae Convergence. While he often uses illusions to cloak his wolf-like appearance- a product of his nymph mother’s allegiance with the moon-god Igaluk- he is not ashamed to use the powers his mixed heritage has granted him for good. If you think that’s complicated, try surviving human school with all that backstory behind you! Arnos patrols the streets of Sapphire City as ‘The Hellhound,’ an alter ego devised to lead his protective parents off his scent. What he lacks in practicality he more than makes up for in style, and his acrobatic tricks leave his enemies dazzled and defeated.

Though terribly injured in Episode 1, Ignatius’s journey is just beginning! He bore witness to great heroism the day he and his Grandma set out to see Sapphire City’s biggest Bank. Hailing all the way from Idaho, this pair is one to look out for- even if it’s just as they cross the street.

As an infant in Medieval Ireland, Boana was abandoned on the doors of a monastery with only a note from her birth parents: “take care of her.” She was raised in the charitable tradition of the monks there, and her goodness persisted through life- even after she discovered her destructive magic powers.  When she was of age a Demon approached her in the guise of a nobleman, threatening to destroy all she held dear if she did not lend him her magic. She surrendered herself instead, and her body and soul were bound to his service as a Banshee to watch over his bloodline. When the last of them passed and she was contractually free, her spirit found its home in Sapphire City, where she continued her work as a healer, though invisibly and without recognition. Though she still harbors thoughts of vengeance against Barrow Si and all demon-kind, she remains a pacifist through and through, and serves as the moral heart of her new-found friends.

The masked heroine known as Blank Page remains mostly a mystery, as she does most of her work in secret. She utilizes the spells hidden in her magic book and trusted companion, Gerald, to hide herself in plain sight, dish out some damage, and communicate with inanimate objects who might help her on her quest. A true defender of knowledge and justice, she dedicates herself to rescuing books which have been abused or misplaced by their owners, and relishes in the wisdom they share.

… Is it just me, or does she look strangely like the clerk at the Sapphire City Public Library?

Carrion is… a zombie. Little is known about his past, even to his own child-like mind. He makes his home in a dumpster and feeds off the wicked few who haunt the streets of Sapphire City. At least, he tries to feed off the wicked only- he’s on a diet. His undead form grants him inhuman strength and resilience, allowing him to fight to the bitter end and cling to enemies for dear un-life. Mostly though, he serves as the gang’s punching-bag.

An adventurous elf from the Hidden City of Avalon, Evine is friend to all creatures, magical and otherwise, and an ally to those who are oppressed in non-magical society. Since she lived long before the Convergence, she has seen the injustice inflicted upon her kind, and seeks to right it in any way she can and offer asylum to those who also propagate peace. Her magic comes from nature itself, and is mainly used to restrain her enemies or protect her friends, in keeping with her philosophy. Though a little alien to the mortal half of the gang, she always means well, and will always be there to offer a helping hand.

Ivy is a pixie from the Fae Dimension. Though she originally appeared in a human disguise, she much prefers her true form, which defies its small size with impressive magical power. She keeps her tiny head up despite the difficulty of living as a magical creature, and her positivity is utterly infectious.

Lilana Crux- or Lily for short- was the foe that brought this mismatched gang of heroes together. Though she has no allegiance to good or evil, her powers make her a true threat to anyone unlucky enough to be on her bad side. She seems to be more than fond of at least a handful of our heroes- maybe they will come to learn more about her someday, if they can keep up with her talent for teleporting!

Maxwell Caulder is just an average grad student pursuing a degree in archeology at Sapphire City University. Sevlok, on the other hand, is a millennia-old sorcerer confined to his staff, which the unlucky sap Maxwell happened to find on a dig in Egypt. They get along well enough at least- one timid and reclusive and the other adventurous enough to throw a lightning bolt or several in the face of evil. If only heroism left a bit more time for studying at the end of the day!

Rab, or ‘Mungo,’ was the most successful experiment of Dr. Nezhizen and his primary weapon in evil-doing. When our heroes were able to free him from his ‘father’s’ clutches, they found a soft, good friend where a hardened war-machine once was. When left to his own devices Mungo seeks only to help and to love, a fact which his creator much dismays. He has since leapt off into the sunset with his ‘brother’ Alexi to find his place in the world, which will hopefully embrace him with as open arms as he embraces those he hugs.

(Russ. Николай Нежизнь) A Russian doctor who specializes in Necrocology, Dr. Nikolai Nezhzin is a one man corporation. Well, one man and a horde of zombie factory workers. He is a master of scientifically bringing back the dead, and uses his creations to run the machines that make more zombies. Our heroes first encountered him in his lab under the Sapphire City Graveyard, where he was confronted and defeated at last by his rebellious son Alexi. His motives remain a mystery, and though he was able to slip through the fingers of our fumbling heroes, there is little chance of a man with such a reputation staying hidden for long.

Selene Guest is a high-power defense attorney based in Sapphire City, and the investigative head of her reluctant comrades. Not one to take no for an answer, she will fight with words in court or… with a… raygun?… whichever gets the job done. She also has some sort of universal Bluetooth device that, uh, allows her to access frequencies that… wait, how does she do that anyway?! Who is this woman, and what is she doing hanging around chumps like these?