Hey all!

I am sure there are a million more pertinent issues on your minds during this time of crisis. I hope that- if you are reading this- it is from the safety of a warm blanket in a safe home.

I just wanted to make you aware of some technical issues I’ve been experiencing, as a result of some inconsistent service from my host’s servers. I would not be surprised if this is just one side effect of the global crisis we are experiencing! I don’t claim to fully understand it, but the problem seems to be fixed for now. I have also- hopefully- successfully validated the site’s security certificate, so if you are worried about anything sinister that may happen while browsing this site, please know that I meant no harm! Running a site has been a learning experience for me, and updates to general policies about web safety, WordPress updates and errors, and other random nonsense certainly don’t help me learn any faster XD

If you are concerned about using the site as it is, feel free to follow the links above to read this comic on Tapas. I will also post full pages to Tumblr when I am having issues with this site’s service. I do not expect there to be any changes to the quality or availability of this comic due to Covid-19, but what sort of social-media-addict would I be if I didn’t at least name-drop it!

Have a wonderful day, and be well

~ Death McHandsome